Partner With a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant for Focused Business Growth

“High 5 is not a conventional company and we have no intention of becoming one.” Owner-Steve Huskey

That unconventional spirit is a powerful force inspiring us to do things like rethink the SEO and Google Local landscapThe Internet is the great equalizer. We believe it is our job to simplify online advertising for business owners.

High 5 Promotions Staff

We take pride in High 5’s culture. We embrace stress free processes, virtual work environments, and encourage the collaboration on ideas that address complex technical questions. We hire great employees based on personality type that will fit with our culture and have the ability to interact with a global customer base. We empower employees to act on great ideas regardless of their role within High 5 Promotions. Transparency and open dialogue are paramount to maintaining our culture. Despite our rapid growth on 3 continents, we are still a startup.

We are dedicated to providing an environment where skilled people can have fulfilling careers. Our employees are our best assets. They are crucial to our success. We will continue investing in talented employees, including providing equal pay to all genders.

Marketing Consultants Bring a Broad Perspective

The consultant you choose to work with will bring a broad perspective on business growth to your organization. This perspective integrates traditional marketing wisdom with the energy of evolving trends. A modern consultant will be able to offer you:

  • An unbiased evaluation of existing marketing strategies
  • Guidance through the development and deployment of new strategies
  • Analysis of the successes enjoyed by past strategies
  • Broad based internet consultant services
  • Focused, evidence-based recommendations for targeted growth

No matter whether you run a first-generation family business or a large corporation, you can benefit from the professional insight of a marketing consultant. Let a consultant help your business grow into the organization it has the potential to be.

At High 5 our business is specializing in local advertising and growing small to medium businesses. But we don’t only grow businesses we also grow our employees by promoting skill development and career growth. We grow our clients businesses on Google and other directories that prove to be valuable such as: Google Adwords, Yelp, Microsoft, social media sites, behavioral targeting, online branding and video marketing.


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