Dyezz Security - Google Local Case Study

Dyezz Case Study- Google Local

Company Background

Dyezz Security had 5 locations in 5 different cities, but 9 different Google My Business pages.  Several pages were spam, others were categorized as spam… ONE SUCH SPAM PROFILE WAS DELIBERATE!


The Approach

Make it easy for customers to find Dyezz Security’s correct information for all locations
Eliminate all profiles and pages that are not owned by Dyezz
Have each profile verified and ranked higher on Google
Use this account as Google Local case study

The Results

Dyezz Security now has all its locations updated and correct

All malicious spam profiles no longer exist

Dyezz Security rankings on Google are increased significantly

From the above graph, you can clearly see the effect that our updates have had on this customer. We expect graphs like this for all of the cities within another 60 days.


This listing had over 23,000 views with the wrong contact information and the wrong brand name. So, we fixed all the NAP info and got them customers.

This is a spam profile in Dallas with no information.  Since “Dyezz” is a fictitious name, it is likely that this was a spam page designed by a competitor to detour and confuse traffic.

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