John J Buettgen Funeral Home - Google My Business Case Study

Company Background

John J. Buettgen Funeral Home has four different locations depending on what service you need.  We have worked with three of these locations. The results can be seen below.

The Approach 

Create Google Local listings for all three locations

Claim all locations created on Google Local

Have each profile rank on the 1st page of Google

Create enough traffic for a local internet marketing case study

The Results

Created pages for each of the locations, pointing them to their one website address

Updated every location’s profile with checklists from Taking the Goo Out of Google My Business
to bring the profiles to 100% completeness

Continuously monitor the progress of verifying company information

In 30 days, the average percentage increase of new views per page was 420%

The average increase in clicks per page was 220%, getting their website in front
of many new potential


  Page views increased almost 500%

 Clicks increased by 300%


John J Buettgen Funeral Home Local Internet Marketing

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