Simple Electric - Google Local and SEO Process Case Study

Company Background

Simple Electric wanted to create a Google Local presence to add new customers and create an online branding campaign. They also wanted to improve their online reputation. All of that would provide them with a consistent stream of new customers. With that, the goal was to add 1 truck per year for a total of 8 years. 

Google Local Austin

The Approach 

Verify, optimize, and manage Google My Business

Create and optimize Yelp profile

Verify company info with online directories

Increase page speed on all website pages

Changed website keywords using Google Analytics and Search Console Data

Create new website navigation user-experience based on data

Add structured data to the website

Use Google Ads to focus on high margin services and brand name

Add Simple Electric to Google Local Service Ads

Started using the “Friendliest Electrician”


The Results

Simple Electric Google Local Case Study

High 5 Promotions added a total of 123 high-margin jobs in a 3-month time frame.

40% from Google, 34% from Yelp. An increase of 16% on
Google and 31% increase on Yelp.

They are booking 1 out of 2 people from Google Local Services.

The quality of job has increased. Higher Margin jobs = Bigger Profits

They went from 2 trucks to 7 an increase of 250%.



The business started in a city saturated with other highly regarded, well branded electricians. Local citizens were already attached to Existing brands. Existing firms already had strong presence on Facebook, Yelp, and Google. Existing firms had strong connections with Commercial Office Space and General Contractors. However, High 5 Promotions added a total of 123 high-margin jobs in a 3-month time frame.

Simple Electric Local Certified Digital Marketing

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