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One of the best tools you can use is Google Maps.  Below are some business set up tips that you can use to get started.

Step 1 – Claim Business On Google

Sign in with your Google account, then begin this process

  1. Search business
  2. Click “Be the first to review” or “review” which will take you to the Google Local page. If the review window pops up, hit “cancel”.
  3. When it asks if you are authorized to make changes to the account, check yes
  4. Verify authorization as directed by Google either by mail or phone. Either way should happen immediately.
    If calling is the viable option and you are setting up for someone else’s business, make sure that business has your  contact your phone number to be able to text you the verification code you’ll have to enter.The image below is the Google Maps Profile:

After verification is sent, go to settings
Check  address, phone numbers, emails, links, making sure all the information is correct.
Add yourself for verification code.  Once it is sent, complete steps for verification.

  1. Go to Managers and verify your ownership.
  2. Fill out profile
    a) Intro: must be at least a sentence or Google will classify your profile as spam
    b)  When completed, go to Google+ (found on left hand side of the page under Google Maps button).
  3. Go to videos and upload video. This will make you create a YouTube profile, which is helpful for rankings.
  4. Click on “Pages” (left hand side), then manage this page, then settings
  5. Click on “Create a new page” to claim the  pages and profiles

NOTE:  Google + is not complete until 2 videos are uploaded and you are subscribed to 2 channels.