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Reviews For Your Company

Having reviews is powerful. It not only provides more text for Google spiders to crawl, but often reviews are SEO-rich because customers are talking about the services that they had at your office.

As mentioned earlier, the reviews have recently changed in an incredible way. Now, when you’re signed into Google and looking for a review, Google will show you reviews from people you know first. Obviously, you’re going to tend to believe a review from someone you know as opposed to someone you aren’t familiar with. You trust the people you’re interacting with more. This is an incredible piece of technology that is only going to grow in importance.

So not only are reviews one of the most important factors for your business, but they will continue to grow in importance in the future. Bottom line: get more reviews on your Google Maps page.

A review with a higher score will help your page rank better than one with a lower score.

To capture more reviews, a recommended strategy is to have a Google Maps badge on your website that links to your Google page. Somewhere around the icon, in text, you could say “Tell us about your experience”. Again, that icon should link directly to the Google Maps page where they can write a review. You can also hand out GOO OUT OF GOOGLE business cards that have a photo of your business on one side and on the other side say, “Please tell us about your experience.”

Driving traffic to the Google Maps page and getting customers to select the star ratings is fine. For your customers to write a fully-developed idea of what they thought the business was, what they thought could be done better, and what they love about it will give your Google Maps page a better ranking. Conversely, if the passion that you have for your business shows through in responding to a negative review, it is exponentially more valuable for future potential customers to see that than it is to have somebody put a 5-star review that says, “Food is great.”

Sometimes it is better to have a rating of 10 coupled with a keyword-rich, long review than it is to just have one 20-point review that has no wording whatsoever. 


Responding to Negative Reviews is Easy

What to say
What to avoid saying?
Who are you writing to?

Use too many keywords and your review may be ranked as quality content. You certainly do not want to bring any more attention to the negative review.

First, understand that you are not talking to the person who wrote the review. You are talking to potential customers who may be reading the review later down the road.

An owner can (and should) respond to any review. Within the Google dashboard, there is a tab that says “Respond to reviews.” Click it. Now you can scroll down to all of the reviews and respond publicly as the owner. How should you respond? Use this simple checklist below.

Here Is Your Free Google Review Template

5-Point Checklist for Responding to Reviews
Quite often, business owners call me asking, “How can I remove a negative review?” Removing that review is nearly impossible. The best thing that you can do is to respond to the review. Again, remember your audience. You are not talking to the person who wrote the review, you are talking to the future customers who will be making a decision about your business while reading the review. Use the following points to help you craft a solid response.

  1. Is the review true?
  2. If yes, what did you do to rectify the issue?
  3. If no, what makes you think it is untrue?
  4. If this were to happen today, what would be done differently?
  5. Have a neutral person read the review to ensure it is not too emotional. Everyone makes mistakes.

Everyone has customers that they just can’t keep happy. If you follow this checklist, your reviews will look like they were written by a customer service pro.


When responding to a review, keywords are weighted!