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Google Ads with High 5 Promotions Founder Steve Huskey

Have Google Ads Questions? The Answer Might Be Here This is a discussion with the founder of High 5 Promotions and a prospective client. It contains a lot of common questions about Google Ads, so we thought we’d post them from the perspective of a Paid Search Agency. Feel free to post questions in the comments, or simply contact us if you have need for a deeper dive into your own Google Ads campaign. Google Ads Express or No? Q: Should I continue running / redoing my site while continuing on with AdWords Express and a $700 / month budget? Or should I have a second party marketing company take over my website and PPC? If I go with the marking company, I won’t own the site, so if I stop using them I will lose any SEO benefits. A: I advise continuing the use of AdWords Express and possibly increasing your budget to $900 – $1000 per month. The long-term benefits of SEO are what you need to be chasing. Using the marketing company’s page will not benefit your business in the short term. These pages are designed for businesses who want a second page or don’t have a website. I would stick with Adwords Express. Own the website and own the marketing campaign. Adwords for Hyper Local Targeting? Q: One thing I don’t like about Adwords Express is not being able to control the radius to less than 10 miles or not being able to target markets like Pflugerville. Do you have advice for this? A: You could target people in Pflugerville via remarketing. It’s important to remember that Pflugerville is a bedroom city. Most people work in Austin and sleep in Pflugerville. The thing you need to prioritize before everything else is setup, is installation of Google Analytics. That will make a 20 – 30% difference in the performance of your Advertising campaigns. The next thing I would do is link with Google Tag Manager and get familiar with their tools. Facebook vs. Google Adwords: What’s Better? Q: I have been listening to some videos on Facebook of a business owner who says he pulled completely off marketing on Google AdWords and is marketing on Facebook now instead.  What do you feel about this strategy? A: Facebook can be good for you if you have created content for them on your site. If not, the people will bounce, according to Google Analytics. Facebook is artificially inflating their cost per click. They are using the same cost per click as Google without having the competition. If you try Facebook, ensure that you have Analytics linked properly with Facebook. Check the traffic after a week or so to determine if it’s working. Let the numbers be your guide.  


Steven Huskey-TalkNerdie2Me, is the Founder and Chief Operations Officer at High 5 Promotions, an Austin based Internet Marketing and SEO Company. Get High 5. Get Online. Get Paid. 

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