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Google My Business Consultants

You’ve probably heard lots of buzz about Google Maps, Google Local, and Google Places.  Did you know these are all the same thing?  This is one of Google’s most clicked on features. It is becoming more and more important to win Google Maps. Google is attempting to offer more for searchers in the way of reviews so that they don’t have to visit Yelp or CitySearch.  Why leave Google, when you can get all of your information there?

Get Found on Google For Free

Be there when customers are looking for you with Google.  Free, local, Google.

 Help Your Business Stand Out

Adding photos and videos to your Google Maps page helps customers identify with you.  Highlight special promotions, post updates, and respond to reviews.


Learn More About Your Customers

What keywords they’re using gives you an idea of what they’re thinking; where they’re coming from.  Arming yourself with this knowledge, can help you make smarter business decisions.

As you can see below, 8.3 million pages could be listed above the fold on Google for the term Brake Repair Austin.  Winning Google Maps means you get on the front page of Google, preferably above the fold.  Why do you need to scroll below the fold, there are already 10 listings above the fold that match the search query.

Winning Google Maps can make a difference to your bottom line.  Google has installed several ranking factors that will cause a page to be fully optimized.  This means your listing will show up more frequently.  Naturally, this is valuable real estate for you.  It makes it easier for your potential customers to find you.  As a Google Maps consultants, we can show you techniques for getting your business on the front page.

Better positioning on Google Maps offers a huge benefit to smaller businesses by positioning them “above the fold” on a search engine results page. This means that customers will not even need to scroll down the page to see the rest of the list. We do things the right way here at High 5 Promotions.

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