What can we help you with?

Below are the types of Google marketing services we offer. You can pick one, two, or more. We will work with you to set up a plan that fits your business and your budget.

AdWords / PPC

Google, why wouldn’t you want to be there?

As Expert Pay Per Click Consultants,
We’ve Managed Over 4,000 Marketing Campaigns

This is an auction, just like any other auction, the one willing to pay the most gets the top spot. We use many different traffic sources like Bing/Yahoo, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Wikipedia, etc… If a click from Bing is just as valuable as a click from

Plans Start At Just
$1500 / month

Google Maps

This is Google’s Map, which is Google’s most utilized feature. It is becoming more and more important to win Google Maps. Better positioning on Google Maps offers a

– HUGE benefit to small businesses –

by positioning them “above the fold” on a search engine results page.


Works With
Advertising Budgets From
$490 / Month


Search Engine Optimization

a.k.a Google’s Organic Ranking

We’re not a conventional company and we don’t intend to be. Instead of having one website rank on the first page, what if you have one website, a YouTube page, a review page from Yelp, a Map listing, and an advertisement?

Now You Own Five Links

On The First Page

Based on Google’s own research, having more links on the first SERP page will deliver more clicks than one prominently placed link.

Your page will promote as much positive influence about you concerning your top keywords on the front page of Google.

Budgets starting at

$2100/ month

How Our Pricing Works We don't hide profit margin

The pricing above includes:

  • Our Management Fee
  • The Minimum Monthly Spend on Google.

We are different than other Google marketing consultants, Our fee is separate so you can see what you spend on actual advertising. After your initial short-term agreement, we operate on a month to month basis. We earn our money every month or you change your password and keep your assets.

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