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In 12 years of business, High 5 has never gotten a single negative review. Every High 5 review is 5 stars.

High 5 Promotions has been a real asset to our company. We have seen a steady increase in our business month over month, since we started. Not only has Steve created a very successful campaign for our company, he has also helped us through suggested changes to our web site. That was the other wonderful thing. He has worked directly with our web site company to make needed changes to get everything to work. We never had to pick up the phone. Our first campaign has been so successful we are already developing a second campaign to go after a different market segment with a new service offering. It is a wonderful feeling as a business owner to have control over your advertising. To be able to tweak our marketing on a regular basis without having to wait for a contract to expire is very empowering.
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Steve is one of the most engaging individuals that I know. It is a pleasure working with him and at the end of the day I rest assured that his promises, commitments and assurances will be met.
Scott Gregson
I have known Steve for several years and being a business owner myself, Steve is a great asset to work with. I would recommend Steve with no hesitation.
Matthew Armstrong
Firstly can I say ‘wow’ – I am very, very cynical about the broader marketing industry, and I’ve sat through many a presentation. Steve however was the first person, who broke internet marketing down in a logical fashion, and made an old man understand! Very impressed. I took 30 pages of notes!
I had tried running my own Google ads campaign without much success. With Steve and his team, results came almost immediately. He had more success spending less money than I ever did. He is easy to reach. I love having face to face communication over the seemingly unreachable other companies I have used. I would recommend him to anyone (except my direct competitors–I don’t want them to know about him). Thanks Steve and High 5 Promotions. You all get a big high 5 from me!
Daniel Johnston
I have been unendingly impressed with Steve Huskey. He constantly goes above and beyond. He truly understands the concept that “givers gain” and I would recommend him without reservation.
Ragen Chastain

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