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At High 5 Promotions, we think of SEO differently.

We think that it is more valuable to have more links on the first page of a search engine than it is to have one prominent link on the first page of a search engine.

Most search engine optimization specialists will spend most of their time on one URL, in an attempt to get that one URL ranked higher on the first page of a search engine. However, that still only gives you one link. 

Google has released research that shows having more links on the front page of Google increases the likelihood of you getting clicked-on.

This doesn’t increase by a single factor, it increases exponentially.

One would think by having two links on the first page it would double your clicks; three links on the first page would triple your clicks; four links on the first page, obviously, you’d get quadruple the clicks – this is not the case. 

Google’s research says if you get three links on the first page of Google, your clicks are going to go up almost 5x. So you can see that having one website very prominently placed is a noble struggle, and a constantly moving target, but Google also favors other websites.

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Search Engine Optimization - High 5 Promotions

When you look at a search engine results page, you will notice consistently that search engines will favor certain directories. This makes sense. There are certain sites that are best at what they do. 

Yelp is a good example of that. Yelp is a very good directory site that focuses on getting reviews for businesses. TripAdvisor is a great site for the travel industry. They are a Yelp-like site that does a very good job of policing their traffic. They get ranked very well. SlideShare is another website that gets ranked really well. You can put all kinds of content on SlideShare, making it very handy for marketing. YouTube is a website that gets ranked really well for whatever kind of content you put on it, as long as you put it on the right way.

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Consider this: instead of having one website rank on the first page, what if you have one website, a YouTube page, a review page from Yelp, an active Google Maps Page, and an advertisement? Now you own five links on the first page. It is very attainable.

There will be people who say, “Aw, well, for my industry, it wouldn’t work.” Well, maybe it would. The key is finding consistencies within the search engine results for the sites that are being ranked for your industry.


That is How High 5 Does Search Engine Optimization.

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Our web design team can either make your existing website more SEO friendly or create a whole new website for you that is optimized for getting found on the internet.

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