High 5 Promotions Team

We come from the Internet.  Since we are an Internet company, it only makes sense that our employees are also internet based.  At High 5, we still have staff meetings and expectations, but our employees are virtual.  They get to work from wherever they want.   As corporations are trying to offset the cost of corporate real estate by transitioning employees to a virtual positions, we are ahead of the curve.  One of the benefits of being entirely virtual is that we do not use any paper.  Because our entire business is electronic, we do business without harming any trees.


At High 5 Promotions, we have two ways to do things.

We do things right or we do things again.

We don’t like to do things again, so we do it right the first time.


We are very serious about diversity as a company. In fact, High 5 Promotions has helped sponsor people from other countries migrating to the USA.  Our employees are diverse, including Indian and Spanish. All employees reside within the United States.


Chief Operations Officer


Customer Service


Operations Manager

Courtney W

Admin Assistant

Billie Rae

Social Media Coordinator


Finance Manager

Our Official Corporate Motto: Don’t Be Evil.

High 5 Promotions has the following certifications:

  • Google Advertising Professional

  • Microsoft Advertising Professional

  • Google Search Advertising Certified

  • Google Maps offerings including Adwords and Google Maps

  • Other certifications include: Behavioral Display Advertising and Social Media