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Responding to Negative Reviews is Easy

What to say?
What to avoid saying?
Who are you writing to?
Use too many keywords and your review may be ranked as quality content. You certainly do not
want to bring anymore attention to the negative review.
First, understand that you are not talking to the person who wrote the review. You are talking to
potential customers who may be reading the review later down the road.
An owner can (and should) respond to any review. Within the Google dashboard, there is a tab
that says “Respond to reviews.” Click it. Now you can scroll down to all of the reviews and
respond publicly as the owner. How should you respond? Use this simple checklist below.
Checklist for Responding to Reviews
Quite often, business owners call me asking, “How can I remove a negative review?” Removing
that review is nearly impossible. The best thing that you can do is respond to the review. Again,
remember your audience. You are not talking to the person who wrote the review, you are
talking to the future customers who will be making a decision about your business while reading
the review. Use the following points to help you craft a solid response.
Is the review true?
If yes, what did you do to rectify the issue?
If no, what makes you think it is untrue?
Are you able to send a private message to the person asking them what you could do to get a
better review?
If this were to happen today, what would be done differently?
Have a neutral person read the review to ensure it is not too emotional. Everyone makes
Everyone has customers that they just can’t keep happy. If you follow this checklist, your
reviews will look like they were written by a customer service pro.


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