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Google Marketing

Read about the types of Google marketing services we offer. You can pick one, two, or more.

We will work with you to set up a plan that fits your business and your budget.


Pay Per Click

As Google Ads consultants, we’ve managed over 1,000 online marketing campaigns world wide.  Working with Google Ads solutions is the most rewarding part of our job.

Experience gives us the ability to create and manage sophisticated pay per click campaigns across multiple Internet search engines. 


Google Maps

You’ve probably heard lots of buzz about Google Maps, Google Local, and Google Places.  Did you know these are all the same thing? 

This is one of Google’s most clicked on features.  It is becoming more and more important to win Google Maps. 


Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation management determines how others perceive your business when they search for or stumble upon it online.

This proactively influences what info people will find.

For instance, in-depth analytics and techniques will help you push damaging and harmful content further down the Google search engine results pages (SERPs) by ranking your own or third-party more desirable material above it.

Internet Marketing - High 5 Promotions

Internet Marketing

Marketing is a major concern for many small business owners. In general SMB’s have become some of the leading online advertisers; likely due to the small barrier to entry. Online marketing and SEO consultants vary widely in their experience.

Quite often the breakdown happens because the marketing consultant the SMB chooses only understands their discipline. Whether it’s Google Local, Google Ads, YouTube, Microsoft AdCenter, Facebook or other social media outlets, Yelp, local link building, online reputation management, or website analysis High 5 Promotions can help you.

You’re not Barack Obama or Tiger Woods or Tony Romo, right? You likely don’t have an investment portfolio of stocks like GOOG, MSFT, or AAPL. You’re a small to a medium-sized business owner who needs to get more traffic to your website.


The Google-Fu is strong with this one. Steve’s approach and techniques for SEO and placement on Google Local are clutch. After two days of giving me the Vulcan Mind Melt, I feel like I have a better understanding of not only WHAT needs to be done, but also HOW it needs to be done. If you’re wanting to get a better grasp on your internet marketing, Steve and High 5 can certainly deliver. From start to finish, this was top notch training that I would recommend to anyone wanting to increase the effectiveness of their online marketing plan.
Dave Pitalo
We wanted an expert that we can trust to give us a fresh look at our marketing plan for our real estate businesses. Steve at High 5 Promotions provided a very helpful consultation and training session with our marketing manager. Steve is extremely knowledgeable, experienced with the ins and outs of online marketing. We left the session with a list of custom recommendations and a well-defined plan of action.
E. Scott Ross
Steve came to our office and walked our marketing team through the processes we needed to maximize our Google Adwords campaign. Not only did he show us how to better utilize our website with implanted keywords and search terms, but he also left us with step-by-step processes that we could have ANYONE follow. Steve helped us tie in all our social media outlets so they present a coordinated presence. After two days with Steve, we learned more than we ever did with our previous SEO consultant, and we had been using them for 5 years!
Douglas Peters


Will my account management team remain the same for the entire engagement?

Yes, your account management team will be the same for the entire time that you are with High 5 Promotions. However, you are able to bring in a new account manager at any given time. This is the benefit of using our services. Unlike most marketing agencies who try to hold you, hostage, by keeping most of your valuable data, we give you control by building your own Ads campaign. If we stop doing a good job, you can bring someone in to manage your data instead of being held, hostage.

Who was the last client that you lost and why?

The last client we lost was an engineering firm called Wastewater Solutions. Wastewater Solutions has customers that are typically $50k-$150k in nature and their projects usually take 60 days to 6 months to complete. In the first 90 days, we brought them 9 customers which filled them up for the remainder of the year. They typically would get approximately 1 customer per month and we brought them 3 additional customers per month making their total 4 per month. That put High 5 Promotions out of business- we did such a great job that they didn’t need us anymore. It’s a double-edged sword because we want to do a great job for our clients, but sometimes we do such a good job that they no longer need our services. And the only way for us to continue is to get referrals from the client.

Will you give me the A-Team?

At High 5 Promotions, all of our accounts are managed by the process. We hire by personality type, which means that we only hire superstars. We never hire B players, we hire A players and give them the process to follow. The process we use is literally scripted. Depending on the type of optimization, there are between 35-97 steps so there is not much wiggle room for missteps. There are some things that can obviously be soft processes but most of what we do is a very hard, written process. You’re always going to have the A-team because we only hire A players to manage an A Plus process.

Will you match your competitor’s prices?

No, we do not match our competitor’s prices. All of our work is custom work. We give prices based on a very fair margin. Our margin is typically 50% less than the major online marketing firms, so you are getting a boutique quality at a much lesser price. That is a fair question, but we do not discount our prices because all of it is customized for your business.

Do you do performance deals?

No, we do not do performance deals. We are a marketing agency in the marketing industry. We can bring you the deals, but your team needs to close them.

Will you sign a non-compete?

Absolutely, we’ve had to sign many non-competes in the past. However, in certain situations, we may not be able to. We are a business and we are here to make money. We have families to feed, we have expenses as well. So if the non-compete is with our smallest customer in that given region, then we will not be able to sign that non-compete. If the non-compete is with a customer who is also willing to spend enough money to make it worth our while, then we would be happy to sign a short-term non-compete for 100% exclusivity.

What happens if I want to hire one of your team members working on my account?

We believe this is an unethical scenario. When you hire us, we are business partners and are 50/50. To keep everything moving in the right direction, we need all of our players.

What is "The Process"

The process was developed over a period of 4 years at an international marketing firm. Over these 4 years of learning about and working with the company’s $50 million dollar software platform, Steve took the best parts of it and put them in the process while leaving the worst parts out- the parts that were very corporate America (like their 50% margin).

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